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Design for another world: virtual reality

2021 Fall CCT461 Speculative Design III Course Group Project

Design a VR experience showcasing a good use of the medium for social interactions and experiences purpose and integrate value-based design in consideration of the experience to ensure respect for the values of users and stakeholders.

Live site:


         The goal of our VR school application is to give students a virtual place that simulates a school environment and their various classes, whether they are in a lecture setting, a library, or a lab facility. Our aim was to push learning to a level where students are fully engaged in the material and its respective environment while being able to stay home or be at a place where they feel comfortable. It is incredibly apparent that the Coronavirus pandemic has drastically shifted the dynamics of physical social gathering/interaction in a way that has affected every sector of the world including education. With the Coronavirus pandemic mandating a remote learning notion, the inability of the majority of the students throughout the world to disengage from their school/work has become a huge challenge. Through the means of our VR application, students can now not only be more absorbed in their studies but also have better interactions with their peers and are able to decisively detach when school is over. An application of this sort holds the potential to change how remote learning is viewed all around the world. Furthermore, we as a team believe that a person’s physical setting has a big role to play when it comes to material retention as they are able to fully engage with what’s being offered to them. Therefore, through our VR school application, students can interact better, be immersed better, and most of all, learn better, which was the core belief of our idea as a team.

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