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CCT261 Speculative Design I Course Group (4 members) Project

Design and create an informative, persuasive, and well-organized website intended to help citizens of Ontario to become more engaged with their community and make informed choices in some part of their life. Motivated by Ontario’s Open Data to help a particular audience understand and make decisions relating to that information.


Design an informative, persuasive website to inspire users about creative ideas restaurants can utilize to enforce safety precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic


1 months





My Role

Created information architecture

Created persona

Created low-fi Wireframing
Finalized live website

The website is called Restaurant-19, is based on the word COVID-19. On the website, it highlights 19 innovative strategies that restaurants can implement. We categorize the methods by dining-in, take-out/delivery, and promotion. Some of the ways that restaurants are battling COVID-19 include dining inside private domes, using QR code menus instead of menus, and meal kits available for takeout and delivery. We also provide information regarding coronavirus protocols to inform potential users about how they can stay safe inside and outside of the restaurant context. These protocols include information on masks, sanitation, and social distancing in restaurants. Open data source on how coronavirus impacted the restaurant industry is also included on the statistics page. The About Us page allows users to contact us if they have any questions or comments regarding the information we provide. We hope our Restaurant-19 website will signal a new normal that food industries will have to adjust to.

Site Map




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