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Alluster app

Mid-Fi UI design mobile app

CCT354 Digital Marketing II Course Project

A mid-fi mobile app design based on the existing website content for the digital marketing plan of a business, Alluster.

*only the App design part of the marketing plan is displayed


How can we improve Alluster, which provides self-storage services in the Greater Toronto Area, apart from the traditional self-storage service and provide a more convenient service than their competitors?

The mobile app is a helpful strategy to help Alluster gain social awareness. Since people spend more time on the mobile end, Alluster must think "mobile-first" and develop a mobile app.

With a mobile app, audiences can order services, pay bills, view items and more on their phone with a few clicks. It can improve the customer's experience by providing a more efficient and convenient way instead of using the desktop. And it is considered to be long-term since we need to develop the app based on our innovation constantly.

This sample prototype flow includes all the essential functions that the website has. It allows users to

  • select plans and schedule a time for pickup

  • book an appointment to return items

  • pay the bills and view the transaction history

  • view items anytime and anywhere

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