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Design carefully: affective app

2021 Fall CCT461 Speculative Design III Course Group Project

Design an app prototype that responds to user emotion, with the end goal of promoting wellbeing and following a value-based design approach that includes a conceptual, empirical, and technical investigation.

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         Given the Covid 19 pandemic, university students have unfortunately had to undergo several changes within their academic careers; the biggest one being universities using virtual learning. Despite the drastic switch to online learning, students still commonly experience a great amount of stress and anxiety due to excessive amounts of school work. Using affective recognition and facial tracking software, our team prototyped an app designed to promote wellbeing by helping students effectively manage their stress while studying. Our objectives were centered around building an app that would provide a simple and user-friendly experience, effectively analyze users through the employment of AI, and provide students with a method of managing their stress. After conducting research and testing, our outcome was an affective app named “StudyBuddy” that can evaluate the user’s facial expression and offer advice to prevent them from experiencing burnout. 

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